There has been a lot of change in the last two years in the job marketplace. Because of this shift, we’ve noticed a variety of new patterns, such as professionals looking to leave their current positions in search of ones that better suit their professional aspirations and personal goals. Recruitment agencies are a valuable resource for both job seeking professionals and companies looking to hire as they help navigate today’s ever-changing talent landscape.

Seventy-three percent of candidates are passive job seekers, proving the candidate pool is a lot larger than just those professionals who are actively applying to new roles. In a recent inclusion pulse survey conducted by Deloitte, 72% of currently employed professionals would consider leaving their current organization for one that was more inclusive. While these are not professionals actively seeking new positions, almost three-quarters of these professionals would willingly leave their current position if offered a new one that better fit their needs and matched their values.

Recruitment agencies fit seamlessly into this landscape, as they are arguably the only tool that can be both equally company and talent focused with the goal to match both parties with the best opportunity. Here are four advantages of using a recruitment agency to find your next great employee.

Fill in crucial industry information gaps. Recruitment agencies are filled with industry experts who are well-versed in not only candidate experience trends but also key industry insights, including salary expectations by region, benefit expectation, average experience and other irreplaceable knowledge that only comes from having vast experience in working one-on-one with talented job seeking professionals.

Hire and fill roles at a faster pace. Recruitment agencies have access to a diverse pool of highly qualified individuals from a variety of fields and levels of experience. Passive candidates can be reactivated and re-enter the job market if they are approached by a recruiter. By having a recruiter who can do active outreach, companies are able to find more fitting talent quicker than if they were to just post an application on their website. Recruitment agencies can also help client companies and professionals look beyond their immediate physical location. This allows companies to hire faster because they are strategically exposed to candidates rather than sifting through unqualified applicants submitted through a website.

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Develop a strategic approach to finding top talent. Although companies may receive fewer candidates through a recruitment agency than an organic job posting, the applications they receive are talented professionals who have been pre-screened by recruiters to ensure they are a high quality professional well suited for the job. With tens of thousands of active vetted talent, businesses can establish key parameters such as previous quotas, deal size and industries sold to, salary requests, and locations to find the right person for each position.

 Reduce hiring risk. Since recruitment firms work with candidates and have extensive knowledge on hiring trends, the candidate pool and the job market, they are less likely to match talent to a position that is not suited for that person. In addition, with the emphasis in today’s market on company culture, benefits and remote and hybrid work being at the forefront of candidate values, recruiters understand what is important to the talent and in turn match them with a company that shares the same values. In a recent study by the World Economic Forum, it was found that 59% of employees left their current position because they wanted to be a part of a company that better fit their values. This data emphasizes the importance of agencies to screen talent and learn company values in order to create great placements.

After working in recruiting, I am able to see firsthand how the need for agencies is higher than ever. As we continue to see these shifts in employee values and a more value-focused talent pool, it is important for companies to work with recruiters who understand candidate needs and values as well as internally assess what will make a young talented professional want to start their career with your company.

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