One of the most complex challenges for businesses that are relocating is keeping all of their employees engaged and informed during the moving process. Your employees must share the vision of the benefits that the new workplace will provide. This can only be accomplished by regular, transparent and consistent communication. You know you’re on the right track for a successful and profitable workplace relocation if your workers feel informed, motivated and encouraged during the relocation. In today’s article, you’ll find practical tips and advice for engaging employees during an office move. Let’s find out more!

Have a Bulletproof Plan in Place

When it comes to engaging employees during an office move, keep one thing in mind: There will most definitely be downtime. There is no way to prevent it entirely. However, with the right approach, you’ll be able to reduce downtime while increasing productivity in your company. Yes, it will be difficult, but it is absolutely doable!

First and foremost, you must determine how much time you will require for this relocation. According to professionals, preparing a small office for relocation takes at least three months, while moving a medium to large firm takes six to eight months. Establish a timetable and ensure that you have sufficient time to finish all of your tasks.

Furthermore, this strategy should include clearly defined priorities and goals for each phase of the relocation. This implies considering how your workers may be affected and, of course, the obvious benefits of the office move to your employees.

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Communication, Communication, Communication

Unfortunately, all employees struggle with higher stress levels, less productivity and lower satisfaction when it comes to office relocation. However, you can minimize all these negative feelings and outcomes. That’s why informing your employees about the office relocation and communicating with them about it is of utmost importance. You need to notify them about the move as soon as possible. In addition, create open lines of communication in order to keep each employee up to date with the relocation process and changes along the way.

Moreover, you need to explain why your staff why is this relocation important and how it affects them. If they understand that it’s beneficial not only for the company but also for them, they will feel more motivated and open to this type of change.

Assign Relocation Tasks to Your Employees

Another way to engage employees during an office move is to divide the relocation process into several projects with deadlines and allocate each task to a different employee. This way, you can easily follow the progress of the relocation, and everything will be completed much more quickly. These tasks could be everything from decluttering the office to clearing out paperwork. This is an excellent way to keep your employees involved and engaged in the process. They will also be less stressed at work because they know what’s going on relocation-wise.

When it comes to decluttering and packing tasks, experts from Clean Cut Moving suggest using packing peanuts and dividers for expensive office equipment and essential documentation.

Involve Your Employees in the Relocation Process

Engaging employees during an office move isn’t possible if you don’t include them in the process. Allow employees to have a voice in how their new workplace should look and feel. This may entail conducting a survey to determine what employees like and dislike about their current office setting and then incorporating their suggestions into the new workplace design and layout.

The more involved your employees feel in the process, the more likely they are to support your vision and be enthusiastic about the office relocation.

Rely on Professional Help

It is essential to involve your employees in this relocation process. However, it’s also important to get help from experts if you want everything to go smoothly. That is why you need to hire commercial movers. Don’t overlook this step, as it will affect the whole moving process and, ultimately, your employees’ motivation.

Thinking about how this relocation will affect your staff and including them in the process is the only successful way of engaging employees during an office move. Stick to these tips, and you’ll have motivated and productive staff by your side!

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