The Great Resignation is still looming, and internal talent acquisition teams are still struggling to attract and retain top talent. It’s a tumultuous time for hiring, with job seekers and employees alike seeking roles that don’t just pay the bills, but also tick many other work preferences. Because of this, an increasing number of companies are turning to the experts and outsourcing their recruiting functions. Even staffing companies experience difficulty keeping up with the large amounts of job orders. For employers and staffing firm owners, making use of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to handle hiring requirements is becoming an increasingly wise move. Here’s why:

Flexible and Tailor-Fit Recruitment Packages

RPOs design and execute your entire recruitment process with structures in place meant to adapt to any hiring requirement. They offer customized packages to align their service to exactly what you need and are able to scale their service whenever you have changes to your recruiting demands.

Save on Talent Acquisition Costs

For many businesses, recruitment comes on a per-need basis. A full-time internal talent acquisition team is expensive to maintain, along with the costs to upskill recruiters and upgrade technology. RPO providers already have reliable staff, advanced technology and professional systems in place. They have the capacity to provide you with an updated pool of candidates every time you need them, drastically reducing your cost to hire.

Speed Up Time to Hire

RPO providers have a consistently updated database of candidates, which significantly reduces sourcing time. With streamlined processes and the latest recruiting technology, RPOs can source, interview, hire and onboard candidates in open roles much faster than doing it in-house.

Larger Pool of Qualified Talent

RPOs invest in resources that bring the best results when it comes to sourcing, screening and presenting talented candidates based on client needs. They maintain extensive talent pools and keep working relationships with passive candidates that clients can tap into whenever they are looking to hire.

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Stay on Top of Regulations and Compliance

Many small businesses don’t have a lawyer on retainer to keep up with constantly changing hiring laws and regulations. RPO providers are expected to remain fully compliant to these standards at all times, protecting you from potential mistakes and penalties. Through detailed record-keeping and mapping of every stage of the recruitment process, RPOs implement fully compliant, auditable processes and methods.

Uphold Your Employer Brand

It’s important to uphold your employer brand and provide a positive candidate experience during the recruitment process. This involves a comprehensive amount of outreach, marketing and investment. Doing this internally can be challenging and costly, especially because the return on that investment is hard to quantify. RPO service providers can do all the work for you while maintaining your brand or identity. You can reap the benefits of branding and outreach without having to put in the legwork yourself.

Detailed and Reliable Analytics and Reporting

RPO firms track and trace every stage of the recruitment process, allowing real-time reporting and detailed insights for prompt decision making and transparency in future audits. Gathering this information in-house requires keeping track of a variety of sources such as career portals, applicant tracking softwares and other forms of data. This can be costly and time consuming, and it could require additional manpower. Making use of RPO services ensures that reports and analytics are consistently organized and accounted for.

With a turbulent job market, high turnover rates and fierce competition among employers, it makes sense for both business owners and staffing industry leaders to outsource their recruiting functions. RPO providers act not only as an extension of the company’s talent acquisition team, but provide much needed hiring requirements that many businesses do not have the time or resources to stay on top of. Turning to RPOs lessens your hiring expenses, reduces your time to hire, ensures top quality candidates and allows you to focus on growing your business without worrying about filling open positions.

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