A Candidate Relationship Management system (CRM) scales a recruiter’s sourcing efforts by attracting passive candidates before they’re needed. Additionally, an ATS is built to minimize administrative burdens by eliminating redundant steps in the interview and hiring process.

In other words, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) serves as a workflow and compliance tool for management of applicants, while a CRM acts as a repository for passive and active job seekers as well as previous applicants. When an ATS is not well-designed, it can perform repetitive functions only, causing recruiting teams to waste time on non-value-added activities rather than focusing on strategic initiatives.

Integrate CRM with your ATS

Recruiters can take full advantage of the ATS database to shortlist and group the most qualified candidates, making better-informed recruitment decisions with greater ease. A CRM system can provide information about the success of marketing initiatives to HR professionals. These insights can be used to identify inefficiencies within the organization and improve recruitment campaigns. Integrating ATS and CRM software enables recruiters to develop lasting relationships with potential candidates.

Several Significant Benefits of CRM and ATS

Improves candidate quality and cost-per-hire. Employers who use an ATS experience reduced hiring costs and tend to hire better candidates than those who do not. The ATS can automate and reduce the number of manual activities that the employer performs.

Thus, companies increase productivity, lower hiring costs and increase efficiency. Additionally, ATS and CRM software facilitates communication between recruiters and candidates, allowing them to build rapport.

Communication is essential in recruitment. An employer who has a positive working relationship with a candidate will be more likely to want to hire them. Consequently, investing in an ATS and CRM system is an excellent approach to establish a positive relationship with prospective candidates.

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Streamlines the review process. To find the best candidates, it can be a hectic and sometimes frustrating process to separate out applications and review resumes. An ATS is an intelligent, AI-powered tool that enables recruiters to automate steps such as screening, filtering and ranking applicants. It can analyze CVs for you, rank the candidates according to your criteria and present candidate information in a transparent manner that simplifies comparisons.

Makes posting jobs easy. A candidate tracking system allows you to post job openings across several platforms with a single click. To post a job, you do not need to set up an account on each social platform and manually log in. Furthermore, you do not need to monitor each social media platform and its results separately. Analyses from each platform will be collected by an automated ATS and presented individually.

Reports and analytics that have real-world impact. It is imperative for recruiting managers and hiring managers to use an AI-powered ATS to produce data-backed reports and tailored insights to monitor the entire recruitment process with ease. It provides statistics such as the success of a job posting, click-through rates, interactions with candidates, demographics and major characteristics of these candidates in order to develop future procedures and stages. It is a great tool for helping companies understand the market and improve their development to maximize the returns on their investment of time, resources and efforts.

Provides a better candidate experience. By using an ATS, you can quickly communicate with candidates through a single system. By doing so, you are able to communicate with them regarding their application status or request additional information from them. You are also able to keep candidates informed of the latest positions available at your company.

Due to the consistent and systematic communication process provided by an ATS, candidates feel more involved in the hiring process. It is much easier to schedule interviews, track application statuses and receive a job offer from a single source instead of waiting for phone calls or emails.

CRM and ATS are the latest tech trends when it comes to providing staffing solutions. From optimizing the customer experience, automation of repetitive operations in recruitment processes and enhancing the quality of hire, the joint integration of CRM and ATS into your staffing systems can help you significantly improve the cycle of your talent acquisition processes.

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