As a hiring manager, you want to make sure that the people you hire can bring something new and advantageous to the table. One of the best ways to do this is to hire diverse talent. Hiring a diverse workforce has many benefits and is one of the best ways to better your company. We have curated a guide to the biggest advantages of a diverse workforce and tips for creating one.

Advantages of a Diverse Workforce

Diverse workforces bring together people of all different backgrounds, races, genders, and physical abilities. Here are some of the advantages of this diversity in the workplace.

Increased Productivity. A diverse workforce is often more productive. This is because people of all different backgrounds are collaborating to bring ideas to the table. Between these ideas, a problem will be solved faster.

Increased Revenue. Due to increased productivity, a company with a diverse workforce will often see much higher profits. One report found that companies with a diverse board of directors made 43% more profit than those without a diverse board of directors. The biggest takeaway from this is that diverse teams lead to more innovation, which ultimately leads to increased revenue for the company.

New Perspectives in the Office. There are several ways to solve the same problem. A diverse team will bring all the ways to solve a problem to the table and put their ideas together to create the best possible solution. The solutions will also be made much faster.

Increased Comfort for All Employees. People will feel more comfortable at work if they don’t feel singled out. Having people in the office who look like them will help with this. Diverse companies have lower turnover rates because employees are less likely to feel singled out or discriminated against.

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How to Diversify Your Workforce

Here are a few ways you can create diversity in your workforce, from the hiring process and beyond.

Remove Bias From Hiring. Bias can be implemented in the hiring process without you even realizing it. A great way to prevent this is to practice blind hiring. Blind hiring involves the removal of names and demographic information from resumes, as well as conducting initial interviews through email and chat.

Write a Mission Statement. 76% of job seekers consider a company’s stance on diversity when considering a job. Writing a mission statement about your company’s commitment to diversity will encourage more diverse applicants to apply. Branding your company as diverse is a great way to bring in diverse talent.

Change Company Practices.  Changing company practices and policies is a great way to make your company’s environment more comfortable and inclusive for all. For example, changing your company’s Christmas party to a holiday party is more inclusive to all employees, as not all employees may celebrate Christmas.

Overall, adding diversity to your workforce will lead to advances in the company’s productivity and revenue while simultaneously creating a more comfortable working environment for your employees.


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