Talent acquisition is challenging. But that doesn’t mean it has to overwhelm your team and give you something to dread for months on end. There are solutions to every problem with acquiring and retaining the right employees for your company.

The key is to develop a strategic approach that helps you minimize the problems and quickly respond to any challenges you face. Below, we will discuss fundamental recruiting methods and evaluate the best candidates. Here is how to create a stellar recruitment marketing strategy that draws in and nurtures the talent that can drive your business forward.

Prioritize onboarding. First of all, candidates will be looking for a place to grow. They need to know that their new job will have the programs and strategies necessary to train and nurture them. Therefore, it can help begin your recruitment marketing initiatives with employee retention in mind.

For example, maybe you could develop an onboarding program that covers each employee’s first three months on the job. Not only will this increase your chances of winning over top talent, but it will also ensure that each team member has the necessary support and assistance for boosting performance (and the bottom line).

Fine-tune your brand. One step you will want to take early in the process is establishing your brand. Your brand should accurately reflect your company, including your purpose, values, mission, and culture. And you should try to incorporate your brand into every other aspect of your recruitment strategy.

Another way to look at it is that your employer brand is your company’s reputation in the industry. Allow your current team members to help you develop or modify your brand. This will help your employees feel included while ensuring you have diverse viewpoints and ideas.

Determine your target candidates. Chances are, you have more than one job position to fill with candidates. And you don’t want to copy and paste all the same information across your job descriptions and other recruitment marketing materials.

Your future social media manager should possess different skills and expertise than your next customer service representative. The key is to create a target candidate for each role. Any time a position opens up in your company, take time to research each target group to learn about what they are looking for.

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Create content. Content is king in digital (and print) marketing. Your entire recruitment strategy will be built around written, visual, and/or auditory content. Come up with a powerful mission statement. Develop well-written job descriptions, social media posts, and advertisements. And write a detailed plan for your employee interviews. Remember to keep the same foundational pieces in all of your content across all mediums.

Utilize employees and social media. Your company may already have access to the most significant asset for recruiting top talent: your employees. If you haven’t already, set up an employee referral program that rewards each team member who recruits new candidates. When an employee is excited about their company, it can be contagious and attract many other skilled team members.

You should also consider utilizing social media for your recruitment marketing strategy. Besides word-of-mouth from your employees, social media is the best platform to connect with job seekers. It allows you to market your company’s values and culture, and it lets you listen to, engage, and entertain your target audience. Just be sure to write compelling stories and informative content to establish your authority in the industry.

Communicate with candidates. Once you find job candidates, engage them, chat with them, and have your team assess whether they are a good fit for the company. Fortunately, new tools on the market can help you research your talent community so you don’t have to assign any manual research.

There is no getting around that acquiring new talent can be difficult. However, as long as you strategize your recruitment marketing, you can position your company to attract and retain an ideal team member for each role. Keep the tips above in mind and research how you can improve your recruitment initiatives going forward.

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