A red paper boat leading the way in front of blue and green paper boats, symbolizing how to gain respect from employees.Being a leader and running a business are two completely different things. Having a high ROI does not necessarily mean that you are a good leader for your employees. Similarly, your company could be going through a financial dry spell, but that does not mean you are a bad leader. Being a good leader is very important, and you should primarily focus on increasing your people skills. If the work environment is positive, success will come over time. However, if you work in a toxic environment, that is a recipe for an inevitable failure. Today, I want to share a vital piece of information with you and teach you how to gain respect from employees.

Show respect first. To use a very simple phrase, gaining and showing respect is tit for tat. You cannot receive without giving. Treat everyone fairly, and always try to create an inclusive work culture where everyone is treated equally, with the same level of respect.

Stick to your work ethic. A leader that does not follow their own rules will not leave a good impression on the employees. People cannot respect you and follow you unless you give them a reason to do so. A strong work ethic is a sign of being professional, and it will tell them that you are a person they can rely on.

Be a firm and righteous leader. There is nothing worse than a leader who does not have the mental strength or strong character. It is crucial to be a firm and righteous leader. There must be a line between being friends with employees and maintaining a friendly attitude. It would be best if you kept yourself at a safe distance to avoid potential communication problems.

Create a sense of trust and safety in the workplace. Covid19 is still a serious threat. Even though some companies are getting back to the office, the danger is still real. Keep your staff and temporary workers reassured and safe by implementing all of the safety guidelines. If needed, let them continue to work from home. In return, they will show respect because they see that you care about their health.

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Allow them to decorate their workplace. If your employees are moving back to the office, let them add a personal touch to the space. This is a really nice way to show your human side and motivate your employees to work better. Avoid strict office rules that don’t make much sense.

Admit when you are wrong, and recognize their success. There is nothing wrong with being wrong; remember that! We are all human, and your employees will respect you more if they see you are not trying to hide your mistakes. At the same time, always recognize and award success. Leaders who fail to reward employees for a job well done will quickly need to find new employees.

Ask for their opinion on important decisions. The best way to gain respect from employees is to include them in the planning process. Ask for their opinion on important decisions, and show them they are a vital part of the entire company. Make them feel like they are a part of a large family.

Have their back. In the end, to gain respect from employees, you need to stick up for them. When there is an issue with a project, do not pass the blame but find a solution. If they have personal problems, help them. After all, employees are the backbone of every business!

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