In my past blog posts, I’ve focused on niche markets and the ways you can develop as a boutique, growing staffing firm. But let’s not ignore large customers, who can give you a large, steady supply of work and can add prestige to your reputation. But let’s face it, they require a different approach than smaller firms. Here are some tips that will allow you to forge and continue relations with large customers.

4 Elements That Can Help You Land Larger Accounts

1. (Actually) be different. OK, I know that every staffing firm says they are special, but it’s important to actually be different. Unless you work in general staffing and are after large customers, you need to bring something different to the table (and it should be noted that even general staffing firms can stand out by offering something that sets them apart, whether it’s customer service or speed to hire).

So, what can you offer? It’s got to be something that you have in your mission statement so that your sales team and your marketing team — whether in-house or outsourced – can use it to give a consistent, positive message. Think about your special sauce.  Do you deliver great candidates, do you excel at customer service, can your associates and your team deliver? After all, no one wants to go into the staffing industry just to be second-rate. Figure out what you do best and communicate this to your customers and your associates.

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2. Deliver on your promises. It’s been said that 80% of success is showing up. In the staffing world, this means having your candidates show up on time, having them trained and ready, and offering full support to your customers. If you can back up your sales pitch, you’re going to gain credibility and renewed business with a large customer.

3. Hire top sales people and recruiters … and keep them. Of course, the salesperson you hire, or your sales staff, is key for a first impression. You need to find people who are well versed in the industry that you’re covering. One of the top complaints from staffing customers is that the sales team changes every other week. Find the right people, keep them, and reward them for their success, which directly affects your company.

The same is true on the recruiting side. You’re only as good as your candidates. Sure, you might have a top recruiter leave, and perhaps your customer may stick with you out of loyalty, but can you really trust that scenario? Hiring a top recruiter, or a team, who know the market will help you deliver on your promises.

4. Customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction plays a crucial role in getting, and staying with, large customers. You can enhance this by expediting payroll, billing correctly, and using automation as a means to efficiency.

When you land larger accounts, it’s great for your bottom line.  Stay focused on what sets you apart from your competition. Always deliver on your promises to gain credibility.  Also, investing in the right sales people and recruiters and keeping them should be a top priority.  This will ensure customer satisfaction is met and will help you hold on to large customers for years to come.

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