Drive along any major street in the US, and you’ll find streets dotted with “Now Hiring” signs. It’s clear we are struggling through a labor shortage driven by a perfect storm of challenges — vendors playing hardball, budget degradation and an unstable labor market. To help make ends meet, companies are now looking to leverage technology. When faced with similar challenges, CMOs turned to programmatic to help propel their corporate branding. And while this tech is now picking up steam in candidate sourcing, there’s some hesitancy.

According to Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research, “One of the fundamental challenges with programmatic is the lack of education and awareness in talent acquisition.”

Many in the space don’t really understand programmatic job advertising is or its benefits. Couple that with industry-wide misinformation, and suddenly there are myths that need busting! Let’s dive into four of the most common programmatic job advertising myths to keep you in the know.

Myth 1: We will lose control. Losing control has become synonymous with automation. We see it play out in our everyday lives in the form of automated toll collections on state highways or ATMs at the local bank. The fear of potential obsolescence is not unfounded. But programmatic does not exist to replace; it enhances.

Most organizations don’t have the bandwidth to properly manage traditional job advertising resulting in costly inefficiencies. Intelligent automation like programmatic ensures that you’re targeting the right person on the right site at the right time for the right price. It provides real-time feedback so that you understand the decisions being made, and, if necessary, you can step in to reprioritize at a moment’s notice. The human touch is never lost.

Myth 2: We do not have the budget. One of the greatest misconceptions about programmatic is that organizations need to find a budget to support it. But that’s simply untrue. The reality is that 40% of job advertising spend is wasted each year using traditional methods.

AI-enabled programmatic is a cost-saving solution because it uses your existing budget and learns as it goes. It eliminates inefficiencies and moves your budget into sources that perform well for your open positions. It references years of historical data to ensure that you’re using whatever budget you may have in the most effective way.

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Myth 3: It simply costs too much to really see its value. Value is hard to represent when there’s no transparency into what is being spent and the result. You can’t prove ROI if you have no sense of the overall investment. With traditional advertising, this is very much the norm. Using separate vendors and their siloed data mean ROI is difficult to see at and even harder to report. And as talent acquisition is further integrated into the performance of the business, showing value is critical.

With programmatic, you have full transparency. You’re able to measure ROI, identify inefficiencies and further streamline and improve your business model more quickly and accurately. For most companies, the switch to programmatic means immediate results that you can pass along to your clients.

Myth 4: Programmatic delivers quantity over quality. You may have heard that programmatic is only necessary if you’re interested in a large volume of candidates but not concerned with quality. It’s true that without the right tools, quality of hire is tough to measure so early in hiring. But with the powerful combination of conversational AI, programmatic enter its final form.

Conversational AI integrated into a programmatic platform streamlines the top of the funnel. Candidates are targeted, vetted, and nurtured, all within a seamless conversation. These tools will source and screen candidates from the start. Candidates can also self-nominate for diversity, add context to their experience, or even remove themselves from consideration ensuring that your applicants are truly top tier.

Myths today are wide-spreading and pervasive. When you look beyond the noise, you’ll find that the advantages of programmatic job advertising are clear. Programmatic eliminates inefficiencies, allowing you to do more with less. Get back to your human mission of connecting with and hiring quality talent for your clients and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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