Covid-19 has changed the way we live and, consequently, the way we work. In a time of quarantine, technology allowed us to maintain our relationships and keep up to date with the rest of the world, and it provided months’ worth of entertainment.

In our tech-savvy world, the demand for tech professionals has skyrocketed. Nearly 1 million additional tech jobs are projected to open in the US this decade, according to CompTIA, the leading nonprofit association for the global IT industry. But with the industry’s dire skills gap, hiring managers are struggling to fill open positions.

To set your organization apart and successfully recruit top tech talent in today’s challenging hiring landscape, consider these four tips:

Be open to different types of candidates. With more open tech positions than candidates, it’s important to look beyond traditional educational backgrounds when recruiting. Many professionals are making career changes and finding unique ways to get into new industries, such as attending tech boot camps. Boot camps serve as a less traditional and more affordable way of getting the skills and training needed to enter a new industry. From a hiring standpoint, they provide a large and diverse pool of applicants and can be an excellent source for finding qualified tech talent.

Participate in year-round recruiting. By being open to candidates with different educational backgrounds, you no longer have to limit your window for recruiting entry-level talent to university graduation dates. Switching to a year-round recruiting approach gives your organization access to a more dynamic pipeline of candidates.

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Look for transferable skills, not just technical skills. While technical skills are certainly important, transferable skills are what make a good, well-rounded professional. When focusing more on transferable skills, you’ll find professionals who have strong communication skills, work well with a team and bring a wide variety of experiences to the role. This also allows you to find candidates who will be a good cultural fit and who can ultimately serve as a leader within the company.

Have a well-thought-out interview process. The recruiting process for a technical role typically consists of five or six rounds of interviews with five or more candidates. To avoid wasting your time — and the candidates’ time — be sure your organization has a clear understanding of what the process should look like. For example, will candidates be required to complete coding tests or other technical assessments? If the process is confusing, it can turn candidates away, as they may think the company is unorganized and therefore not on the path to success.

Recruiting top tech candidates is especially challenging given the industry’s worker shortage. In fact, 65% of technology leaders agree that hiring challenges are hurting the industry. But by changing your mindset and looking for unique ways to find and attract candidates, you have an opportunity to stand out among the competition and fill your vacancies with promising new talent.

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